Exclusive to our systems, this patented flicker dramatically increases your bike's visibility.  The flicker rate is based on the science of the human eye.  When viewed out of the corner of the eye, the LEDs have a noticeable flicker that catches the attention of drivers, particularly drivers who are not looking directly at your bike.  When viewed directly from a distance, the flicker is not noticeable but the LEDs are very bright.  

Unlike many other solutions, our lighting systems are compatible with ALL motorcycle makes and models. This includes all late model BMW's and others that use the CAN busOur systems have a very low power draw that will not trip any sensors.

The P3 system is also compatible with other tail/brake light solutions.  Just connect the P3 controller directly to your bike's tail/brake light wires before they connect to the other module and/or lights. 

Our lights are programmable and you can switch between the different modes at any time.  No rewiring or computer connections are necessary.  


For example, if you need to pull off the road to put on rain gear, you can create a quad flash that is visible from quite a distance by simply tapping your brakes the appropriate number of times. (We include programming cards with the system so that you can easily reference all the programming modes on the road).

Our controllers are capable of supporting many additional lights beyond the pair included with the system so you can supplement with additional Skene LED modules to get the look and visibility that you want.  


You can even use our systems to convert existing stock lights.  Front turn signals become marker lights and brake lights become flashing brake lights.  If those stock lights are LEDs they will also inherit our patented flicker!

Unlike high power halogen lamps, the highly efficient and incredibly bright Photon Blaster LEDs consume only 2.5 watts, less than 3% of what other auxiliary lights draw. The low current draw of the design requires no relay, and because the lights come on with the ignition, no power switch is needed

We provide detailed installation and support information online augmented with email and phone support.  In addition, our products are covered by a two year warranty from the date of purchase.  We strive to provide excellent quality and customer service.  Please contact us with any issues and we will strive to make it right.  We may request that you return the product for further quality inspection, but we provide a return shipping label in these cases.

Skene lights have been on bikes since 2008 and we have lots of customer testimonials (click here) about the effectiveness of our visibility lights on the road. We, along with many of our customers, consider our lights to be relatively inexpensive insurance to prevent the accident in the first place.

Customers have successfully used our products for other applications including cars, trucks, ATVs, etc.

We believe in rider safety and back that up with a $20 Safe Rider Rebate on each P3 and Photon Blaster system to riders who have completed a recognized motorcycle safety course within the last two years or who complete a course within 2 months of placing an order.  The same rebate is extended to active U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement personnel, and certified motorcycle safety instructors.

Our products are designed, assembled and supported in the U.S.A.

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