Create Some Space  - Skene Lights P3 Rear Systems provide distance between you and other drivers 

Our rear lighting systems supplement your bike's existing rear lighting to maximize the visibility of your motorcycle, increasing the overall lighted footprint or your bike to traffic behind and providing redundant rear lighting in the event that a stock tail of brake light bulb fails.  New decelerometer braking option now available!

Our customers truly appreciate the added safety (see more customer comments and photos).

"I've had the P3's for a little less than a year and I frequently can see in my mirrors cars

braking more quickly when I hit my brakes. Best investment I've added to my bike."  - MH


A pair of extremely bright red LED modules function as tail lights, brake lights, and emergency flashers.  The high speed controller provides our patented conspicuity flicker as tail lights and a brake flashing sequence, prior to steady on, that is designed to catch the attention and shorten the reaction time of the driver behind you.


The 10 different program modes are accessible at any time using just your brake lever.  Our systems draw very little power and are compatible with all bikes including those with CAN bus.


They are also expandable enabling the controller to work with stock lighting and/or additional LED modules on side and top cases.  Additional details on all these features is available in the Why Skene section.


The P3 is easy to install - no wire cutting required.  Universal mounting hardware and wire connectors are included.  Additional installation information is available in the P3 area of our support page. 

A feature comparison of the four different models of our P3 system is shown in the table below.

The P3-D model adds decelerometer braking.  Alert following traffic that you are slowing down by flashing the brake lights even without touching the brakes!  The five different sensitivity options are all programmable via the brake lever.  

The P3-TS model adds turn signal capability to all of the benefits described above.  The P3-TS model flashes the left and right LEDs with the bike's turn signals and 4-way flashers. Because our LEDs are brighter than stock turn signals and turn on more quickly than incandescent bulbs, this feature makes it much more apparent to the surrounding traffic that you are turning. 


The P3-D-TS model adds both the decelerometer and turn signal capability described above to the base system.