BMW R1100GS - P3 Installation

The BMW R1100GS is a simple, straightforward installation.


  • Remove the rear tail light lens using a Phillips screw driver.

  • Remove the tail light assembly by removing the two Phillips screws inset into the reflector.

  • Note the position of the 3 wires connected to the bulb socket, and remove these wires.

  • Then attach each of the three gray/red Posi-Tap® connectors onto the Brown (ground), Gray/Red (tail light), and Gray/Black (brake light) wires.

  • Connect the controller wires as follows:

    • Controller's black wire to the tap on the Brown wire

    • Controller's red wire to the tap on the Gray/Red wire

    • Controller's white wire to the tap on the Gray/Black wire

  • Install the LED modules on either side of the license plate as shown using the included license plate mounting hardware..

  • Run the wires up through the slot molded into the tail assembly.

  • Cut the wires from the LED modules to the correct length and connect the copper wires to the ground and the silver wires to the controller's gray/green wire as described in the standard installation instructions

  • Bend the aluminum LED module brackets so that the LEDs are pointing straight back to provide maximum visibility