NEW -Photon Booster LED modules (pair)

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NEW - Redesigned and enhanced LED modules! The improved LEDs offer a modern look, rugged aluminum housing and wider beam angle with the same brightness, size, and mounting as our previous LEDs.


  • modern look
  • solid aluminum housing
  • single clear lens covering all the LEDs
  • extra layer of sheathing on wires
  • wider beam angle

The Photon Booster is the LED module used in our Photon Blaster and P3 visibility lighting systems. Each module draws very little power and consists of new LED technology mounted in a waterproof housing.

Increase your visibility by adding additional modules to side cases, top cases, or adjacent to your other modules. Our controllers are capable of powering up to 40 of these modules so it is easy to expand.

Available in three colors:

  • Red - for rear mount applications
  • Yellow - for front or side mount applications
  • White - for front mount applications

We recommend yellow for front mount applications as studies have shown that yellow is more visible to the human eye than white and it helps distinguish you from the headlights of the cars behind you.

A 4mm stainless steel mounting bolt protrudes 7.5mm (0.3") from the rear of the housing, and is designed to work with a variety brackets available from us or your own mounting bracket.

The Photon Booster LED modules can also be used without our controllers. They are designed to operate from 9-16 volts.


New enhanced LED module - 2

4mm stainless steel locking nut - 2

Posi-Twist conectors - 4

Installation manual - 1


  • Current draw: 0.20 amps
  • Operating voltage: 9 - 16 VDC
  • Intensity regulation: LED intensity is controlled by an internal current regulator to maintain brightness even under low voltage conditions.
  • Beam pattern: oval 20° x 70°
  • Wavelength: Red 624 nm; Yellow 591 nm; White 4600 Kelvin
  • LED module dimensions: 3" x 13/16" x 7/16"
  • LED module weight: 1.8 oz.
  • Wire length: 46"
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