Load Resistors for LED Turn Signals (pair)

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Our RES-1 load resistors are used when connecting your stock turn signals to our IQ-250-TS or IQ-250-A-TS front controllers. The load resistors are needed to eliminate lamp-out error messages on the BMW K1600GT/ and GTL motorcycles, and on most other motorcycles with LED turn signals.

They are not suitable for use with incandescent turn signals. Commonly available 6-8 ohm, 50 watt resistors should be used for these.

Resistance value required may be calculated as follows: R = 144/P, where P is the power in watts of the turn signal bulb used on your bike. Resistor power rating should be at least double the power rating of the turn signal bulb.

They come in pairs, and are connected from the bike's turn signal wire to ground at the turn signal lamp on each side of the bike.


68 ohm, 5 watt ceramic resistor with pigtails - 2

Posi-Twist connectors - 4

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