Front Visibility Systems

Increase your visibility to oncoming traffic with our Photon Blaster front lighting system

Now with our new redesigned and enhanced LED modules! The most serious accidents happen when an inattentive driver pulls out or turns in front of you. Our front system increases the lighted footprint of your bike to help motorists see you and better judge your speed and distance.

Our customers truly appreciate the added safety.

"Since the time the lights were installed I have noticed a significant decrease in other drivers cutting into my right-of-way..." - SW

In addition to being extremely bright, our patented technology makes the LEDs appear to flicker when viewed out of the corner of the eye, but they appear to be constant when viewed directly. This ensures that others see you, especially drivers pulling out into traffic.

The Photon Blaster system has a very low power draw and is compatible with all motorcycle brands including those with CAN bus systems.

The Photon Blaster can be expanded by adding more LED modules and/or converting your stock turn signals into marker lights increasing your visibility even further. Additional details on all these features is available in the Why Skene section.

The Photon Blaster system is easy to install - no wire cutting required. Bike specific mounting hardware and wire connectors are included. Additional installation information is in the Photon Blaster area of our support page.

There are 4 different models of the Photon Blaster system as shown in the table below :

1) Photon Blaster 2) Photon Blaster - Alert 3) Photon Blaster - Turn Signals 4) Photon Blaster - Alert & Turn Signals
Running Lights
Alert Sequence
Turn Signals
White LEDs

Turn Signal option - allows our bright LEDs to also function as turn signals and 4-way flashers augmenting your stock turn signals. Systems with the turn signal feature can also be connected to your existing turn signals turning them into marker lights. If your stock signals are LEDs they will also inherit our patented flicker. Available with yellow LEDs only.

ALERT option - Alert adds the ability to flash an extremely noticeable alert sequence to oncoming traffic. Our Alert provides another way for the rider to get the attention of oncoming traffic by quickly double tapping the brake to initiate alert sequence.