Auxiliary Light Dimmers

High Beam Controller - the Skene Lights IQ-270-A runs your high beam at a lower brightness until the high beam is switched on.

Designed for bike's with separate headlight lenses this controller improves safety by not only making your bike more visible to oncoming traffic, but also increasing light on the road for the rider. In addition, it gives your bike a more balanced appearance with both lenses illuminated. Full installation information can be found on our IQ-270-A support page.

Programmable Dimmers - the Skene Lights IQ-275 & IQ-275-A provide adjustable brightness of auxiliary lamps

The IQ-275 Intelligent Lighting Controller allows you to quickly and conveniently set the brightness of your auxiliary LED or incandescent lights to match riding conditions. Auxiliary lights often are too bright at full power during certain driving conditions, Our unique controller enables you to pre-program different brightness settings and immediately select the desired level with the flick of a switch. There's no fumbling with a knob or a wireless remote trying to guess the best level. The optional alert feature of the IQ 275-A enables you to initiate a brief, highly visible flashing sequence when you need to be noticed by traffic ahead.

Full installation information can be found on our IQ-275 support page.

LED Light Compatibility

While the great majority of aftermarket LED lights can be used with the IQ-275, a few are designed such that they will not operate properly with a dimmer. These include:

• Rigid Industries D series Lamps (D2 and Dually) and SR models manufactured after 7/2013 are no longer able to support the IQ-275 or any other dimmer. Other Rigid LEDs work with our controller.

• KTM 990 Supermoto Auxiliary LED Light Kit, part number: 62014910033.

• Denali D4: While early Denali D4 LED's were fully compatible, the current model of this lamp is no longer able to support the IQ-275 or any other dimmer due to a design change. Other Denali LEDs work with our controller.