Mounting Brackets - Photon Blaster

Because every bike is a bit different, we have a wide selection of mounting brackets for both the fender and brake caliper.  The two Photon Blaster LED modules typically mount on either side of the motorcycle's front forks using brackets included with your order. Several different styles of brackets are available to fit most motorcycles. The table below shows a selection of sizes for a few models.

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Flush-mount fender screw 

(T1, T2)

Recessed fender screw

(T1-S, T2-S, T5-S, T7-S, T8-S, T9-S, T11-S, T12-S, T14-S, T15-S)

Brake caliper bolt

(T3-S, T4-S, T6-S)

The LED modules may also be mounted on engine guards, sidecar mounts, etc., using your own brackets.


If your motorcycle is not listed, examine the front forks of your bike and determine if there is a fender mounting screw or a caliper bolt that can be used to mount the LED modules onto. If so, measure or look up the diameter of the screw - usually 5 mm or 6mm for fender screws and 8/10 mm for caliper bolts. Recessed fender screws and caliper mounts require a spacer to move the LED module away from the bodywork.


An online drawing of your motorcycle's front fender may be available that will indicate the size of the fender screw, usually either 5mm or 6mm. Two sources, of several, for these drawings are: 

If you cannot find a match for your motorcycle please send us an email with your bike's model and a photo of the front fork area, to:

We will likely be able to advise you on the appropriate bracket.

Note: yellow and white LED modules are shipped with a 48" wire on each, but this wire may be extended to 20' with no effect on the LED module's brightness.