BMW F800 - P3 Installation

t's easy to install P3 Lights on BMW's fantastic F800S & F800ST.

If you have an F800GS/GT click here

Remove the seat and the license plate and install the LED module brackets on either side of the license plate.

Next, thread the wires attached to the LED modules up through the hole on the right side under the seat.

Under the seat, locate the indicated wiring bundle:  

Next connect the controller's gray/green wire to the silver wire from each LED module using a Posi-Twist connector

Then attach each of the three red/grey Posi-Tap® connectors onto the Brown (ground), Gray/Red (tail light), and Gray/Black (brake light) wires.  Connect the controller wires as follows:

  • Controller's black wire to the tap on the Brown wire, along with the copper wire from each LED module.

  • Controller's red wire to the tap on the Gray/Red wire

  • Controller's white wire to the tap on the Gray/Black wire   

Now secure the controller in place with a zip tie and tidy up the wires.

Finally, bend the aluminum brackets mounted to the LED modules so that the LEDs are pointing straight back for maximum visibility.

(Some photos courtesy of customer Ben Ricci)