BMW F700GS - P3 Installation

It's easy to install P3 Lights on BMW's F700GS.

First, remove the seat to provide access to the rear lights connector which is circled in yellow in the photo. 

Next unplug the left side section of this connector as shown in the photo below.


Then, using the Posi-Tap®  connectors provided in the P3 Lights kit, connect each of the wires in this connector to the P3 Lights controller as follows:

Brown - Ground, connect to controller's black wire
Blue/Grey - License Plate Light, connect to controller's red wire
Grey/Black - Tail/Brake Light, connect to controller's white wire
Blue/Red - Left Turn Signal,connect to controller's green wire (TS model only)
Blue/Black - Right Turn Signal, connect to controller's yellow wire (TS model only)

The final installation is shown in the photo below. In this case, the controller was zip-tied to the rail behind the connector, but you also use the included velcro squares to secure the controller.

Note:  You may need to remove the rear cover behind the seat to run the wires from the LED modules that attach to the license plate.