P3 Customer Comments & Photo Gallery

"I love the lights. I wouldn't ride without them. They are the best." - RF


"I've had the P3's for a little less than a year and I frequently can see in my mirrors cars braking more quickly when I hit my brakes. Best investment I've added to my bike."MH

"This is my third set of P3 lights.  I really like the visibility they provide." - CS


"Just installed my P3 LED's on my R1200RT. Just can't describe how much improvement it adds to the visibility of my bike from the rear. LED's flicker just enough to draw attention to your bike while crusin' down the road, even in broad daylight."  - SK

"Just wanted to say that I went on my first test ride after installing your P3 lights. In broad daylight following vehicles stay noticeably further back and at dusk and full dark they don't even get close! I will always have this product on my bike.." - JT 

"I just want to write in and say how great these lights are. Much brighter than my previous bikes hyper lights. The instructions were simple and the installation easy."  - RN

"Just a quick note to tell you how satisfied we are with your P3 lights.  Last week I installed a set on my wife's R1200R.  We were very impressed!  Had to order another kit for the scooter she uses to commute on a daily basis.  Thanks for an amazing product."  - RM

"I recommend the P3 Lights to everyone I know.  Cars no longer tailgate me or come close to me when I'm stopped."  – KL

"These things really are great, clear up my mirrors and allow me to focus on where i am going and not who is going to kill me from the one direction I cannot control." -NP

"This setup is awesome and easy to install."  - DM

"These will be my fourth set, three for me and one was a gift for a friend. I absolutely love these lights! I’m taking delivery of a new bike this week and I wouldn’t ride without them!' - BO

"Lights received and installed, easy-peasy. These are great additions to safety. Thanks!" - MM

"WOW!!! The lights work perfectly and the difference in visibility is incredible. I will show these off at the local BMW club and give them your website."  - KW

"From a safety standpoint, perhaps the best farkle I've added to my bike." - NR 

BMW K1200RS - P3
Honda Goldwing - P3
Triumph Thruxton - P3
Harley Davidson Electraglide - P3
Kawasaki KLR650 - P3
Aprillia Tuono - P3
Honda GL1500CT Valkyrie Tourer - P3
BMW K1600 - P3 extra LEDs
Indian Chief Vintage - P3
BMW R1200RT - P3
Honda NC700 - P3
KTM 640 - P3
Honda Goldwing GL1000 LTD - P3
BMW R1200GS - P3
Harley-Davidson Ultra - P3
Yamaha FJR1300 - P3
BMW K1600 - P3 extra side case LEDs
Honda PCX - P3
BMW HP2 - P3
Honda VTX1800 - P3
Genuine Buddy scooter - P3
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Photon Blaster Customer Comments & Photo Gallery

Honda Blackbird
Yamaha Super Tenere
Ducati Hypermotard - extra LEDs
Kawasaki KLX250 - white
1976 Honda Goldwing GL1000 LTD
Harley FLHTC
Yamaha FJR1300
BMW K1600 - white
Honda CBR250R
Triumph Thunderbird - white
Yamaha FJR1300 - extra LEDs
Yamaha T-Max
Honda Rebel
Suzuki Bandit 1250S - white
Victory Cross Country
Kawasaki Vulcan 650S white
Ducati Diavel & stock turn-signals
BMW K1600  & stock turn signals
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"Since the time the lights were installed I have noticed a significant decrease in other drivers cutting into my right-of-way..." - SW 

"... I felt particularly vulnerable with only the single headlight as illumination. After installing the Blasters, I've seen a noticeable difference in the way that other vehicles react to me on the road." - RA 

"I purchased both the P3s and Photon Blasters about a year ago, I LOVE them. The alert function has really saved my bacon several times." - RS 

"From a safety point the Photon Blasters are an amazing thing, very conspicuous "flicker"." - TG 

“I got the front lights all wired up and all I can say is ‘Wow what a difference!’ 100% happy with the purchase.” - SD

"The photon blasters have made a huge difference in terms of cars on side streets not pulling out, and I haven't had any left-turn puckers, either. I still ride in DEFCON 1, of course, but there has been a noticeable difference in cager awareness! Highly recommended! " - BK 

"First test ride one car getting ready to pull onto the road in front of me literally slammed the brakes." - JL 

"I have just made it a point to put a pair of these on all of my motorcycles for safety.  What a great product."  - JA 

"These are the perfect match for me.  Your Photon Blaster draws less current, is super bright, modulates and is 1/2 the cost of the other "bulb" alternatives. Keep up the great work on keeping us safe out here. Thanks for a great product." - MB 

"I honestly think these may be the best safety feature available for riding in traffic and particularly in approaching intersections where the dreaded left turn in front of you can occur.  I've seen a few other bikes with these when I've been in the car and it looks like something significant is approaching!" - SL

"...They are absolutely essential safety devices. ..." - TF 

"The lights are fantastic and I will buy sets for any future bike." - SF 

"I've had the Photon Blasters (4 on the front - amber), and the P3 (4 rear - red) on my FJR for a while now, and I just can't tell you how much I love them! I've had so many people FOLLOW me, to ask me how to get them! I just figured you don't always get long term reviews, so I would like to say you make an awesome product, have OUTSTANDING customer service, and your lights, just PLAIN WORK! " - FP 

"After 8 days and 250 plus miles of riding, I'm convinced they work.  I had this happen 5 times since I installed the lights.. instead of pulling out in front of you, you see the hood of the offending vehicle dip sharply as they panic brake.  And in a separate instance, I had a guy who was safely changing lanes 2 or 3 car lengths ahead of me have the "aha" moment and pull back into his lane. This occurred in both darkness and daylight.
My verdict: these puppies work." - BA 

    BMW F650GS