Great Customer Ideas for Adding Skene Lights to Cases

Awesome Top Case Installation - BMW R1200RT

What a fantastic way to make your bike more visible!

The lights in the top case now mimic the bike's tail light, brake light, and turn signals with our extremely bright LEDs plus adds our patented conspicuity flicker and flashing brake light sequence.  This can also be done using our controller with a decelerometer that automatically flashes the brake when it detects rapid deceleration.


The installation pictured on the right adds 4 of our LED modules, to the top case of a 2015 BMW R1200RT.  The 2 red LED modules work as tail lights and brake lights connected to our IQ-260 controller.  The pair of yellow LED modules mounted on either end function as turn signals.

Customer Installations

Customer Installations

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Products Needed:

1    Photon Booster (comes as a pair) - RED

1    Photon Booster (comes as a pair) - YELLOW

1    IQ-260 or IQ-260-D controller - connect to the red LED modules

1    IQ-260-TS controller - connect to the yellow LED modules



Install LED modules case as in the photos with the red LEDs in the middle and one yellow LED on each side.  The silver wire on the 2 red LEDs will connect to the gray/green wire on the IQ-260 (or -D) controller.  The silver wire on the yellow LED on the left will connect to the gray/green wire on the IQ-260-TS while the silver wire of the yellow LED on the right will connect to the gray/yellow wire on the IQ-260-TS.  

You can make all of the wiring connections for both controllers except for the inserting the white brake wires into the Posi-Tap that you have on the bike’s brake wire. At installation you will start with the IQ-260-TS which is connected to the yellow LEDs. Connect only the IQ-260-TS white wire into the Posi-Tap.  Turn on the ignition and all four LEDs should come on in tail light mode, when you apply the brake only the yellow LEDs should flash at this point.  


Next, follow the programming instructions using the brake lever to enter programming mode and change the tail light mode to OFF (mode #10).  


Now the red should be on and the yellow off.  Activating the turn signals should activate the corresponding yellow LED.  Once that is set, turn the ignition off, disconnect the IQ-260-TS white wire from the Posi-Tap and insulate the end.  Finally insert the white wire from the IQ-260 (or IQ-260-D) controller into the Posi-Tap on the brake wire.  Now when you turn on the ignition you should have your desired functionality.


NOTE: The yellow LED modules in this set up will work with the bike’s emergency flasher as long as the ignition is on.   

If you would like to have the ability to use our controller to put the yellow LED modules into one of our flasher modes that can be implemented in one of several ways.   All of the ways require the addition of a switch.