Options for 2018+ Honda Goldwings

The Skene Lights rear visibility systems work wonderfully with the new Goldwing models. They can be installed as stand alone redundant systems connected to a pair of red LED modules mounted on the license plate as shown on the right.

The controller can also be connected to the stock rear lights, details on the installation are below.  All connected lights will function as tail lights and brake lights, as in the video below.

2018 Honda Goldwing P3 - Version 2.jpg

You can access the wiring under the seat where you will find one connector for the right rear and another for the left rear, circled in the image below.  The current draw from the controller is very low and will not cause any CAN-bus errors.


There are additional wires in each connector, but the ones listed in the table below are the only ones tapped to install a Skene Lights rear controller. You will only need to tap wires from one connector, with the exception of the turn signals. The controller’s gray/green and gray/yellow wires are then connected to the silver wire(+) on each LED module.  The controller will also fit in the space under the seat. 

goldwing wire table.jpg

The general P3 installation instructions on our website provide some additional details. 

Wiring with harnesses labelled.jpg

Connecting to the stock tail and brake lights

It is also possible to connect any version of rear controller to the stock tail and brake lights.  This would require cutting the tail and brake light wires on each side and connecting the light side of the cut to the IQ-260’s gray/green wire (& gray/yellow if a turn signal version).  This does not result in any CAN-bus errors.

Connecting to Honda OEM LED brake light

A non-turn signal version of rear controller can be connected to the Honda LED brake light that mounts on the trunk (note: also requires luggage rack). 


Connecting that light to the Skene controller will enable it to function as a tail light and flashing brake light. A single controller can be connected to both the OEM brake light and the LED modules from a P3 system.

Video Description

One Skene IQ-260-D controller is connected to the stock tail lights, brake lights & the OEM brake light on the case.